Animals In Love

The mysteries of the jungle are unparalleled. It’s not just humans who get attracted to opposites and form deep friendships… the jungle too has stories to tell!

All artwork is pen on canvas in A3 size. Originals as well as prints are available.

web-Deer and tiger
I love you (Sold)
Unusual Friends
web-Squirrel love
Please forgive me (Sold)
web-Rabbit and duckling
Who is winning the race this time?
web-Giraffe and baby
My Mommie
web-Pig and baby
Where is Papa Pig?
web-Kangaroo and baby
Snuggles and Cuddles
web-Dog and kitten
Where’s the Kitty?
web-Elephant and baby
Eternal Bond
web-Dog and beaver
Let me tell you a secret…