I was born in the heritage city of Jodhpur in India and grew up in a house deeply appreciative of a varied range of art and music. I always aspired to follow the footsteps of my artistically endowed parents. Although living in a foreign land, India’s culture resonated in my heart and this range of artwork was inspired by my desire to depict not only Indian culture but different flavors of other ancient cultures too.  It brought a realization of how we might originate from different lands but there are so many similarities and common beliefs that thread us together into what we today call Humanity. Each painting is a Synthesis of artistic symbolisms stemming from an evolution of age old traditions with their natural habitat and environment.



(Size: 40×26 inches, watercolour, chalk-pastels, pen and pencil on paper)

(SOLD– with a collector in india)

To me, the primal couple in Maori Mythology- Papa and Rangi, are a representation of love. As per legend, they are the source from where not only human life but the Gods of the universe emanated.  None could separate Papa and Rangi from their tight embrace of love until the God of the forest and birds, Tane, with all his might pulled them apart and all of creation sprang forth.

I have endeavoured to blend the natural beauty of New Zealand’s with the Kowhai and the ferns, the exquisite maori tattoo patterns, the aquamarine waters and the clear skies, intertwined with the songs of the gorgeous Tuis.




(Size: 26×26 inches, watercolour, chalk-pastels, pen and pencil on paper)

“The energy of the mind is the essence of Life” – Aristotle

As I learnt about Chinese culture, what fascinated me most was their belief in the balance of energy in every sphere of life. And it reflects in every ritual, custom and every art form that originates from the culture that introduced the world to yon & yang. Price on request



(size 22×30 inches, watercolour, pen & pencil on paper)

(SOLD. – With a collector in India)

The Shri Yantra is one of the oldest known mystical diagram originating from ancient India, representing the beauty of the 3 worlds – Bhu (earth), Bhuva (atmosphere) and Swa (heaven).

The triangles pointing upwards represent Shiva, the masculine or Yang force and the triangles pointing downwards represent Shakti, the feminine or Yin force, thus symbolizing the union of the two divine energies. The web of triangles is symbolic of the entire cosmos or the womb of creation. Together they represent Advaita or non-duality.

Godai-5 elements


(size 30×22 inches, watercolour, pen & pencil on paper)

Godai, in Japanese literally means the “5 great”. These 5 being Kaze (wind), Sui (water), Chi (Earth), Ka (Fire) and Sora (Sky). Life is represented in this magic circle as a constant loop of birth, survival and death. The endlessness of the circle denotes eternity. I added the swirling ocean below and the sky littered with cherry blossoms above that cast an eternal magical spell.

The fictional Clow Reed’s magic circle consists of a Star, the Sun and the Moon symbolizing the Light and Darkness and along with the ocean and the sky beautifully depict Godai and cast a magical spell. Price on request



 (size 30×22 inches, watercolour, pen & pencil on paper)

The SWASTIKA is a Sanskrit word meaning “it is”, good luck”, “well being” and is known by different names in different cultures. I grew up seeing a golden Swastika hung outside our main door. The interesting pattern of the Armenian Swastika called Arevakhach caught my eye. It is the ancient symbol of eternal light or God. It represents time, recurrence, universe and the concept of everlasting, celestial life.

The wheel of eternity in the center of the Arevakhach stemmed from the worship of the sky and the sun while wheat is an expression of Armenian’s hard working nature, the lion symbolizes power, courage, patience, wisdom and nobility. Price on request



 (size 36X36 inches, watercolour, pen & pencil on paper) (SOLD, India)

The Egyptian DENDERA zodiac caught my eye for its masterful details and scientific precision. It is densely encoded with myth and historical allusion. It preserves the wisdom of forgotten ancestors who saw into the secrets of time.

Its design reveals the mythic pattern of humanity’s experience over 26 millennia. The Nymphaea lotuses cover the Dendera. These are a symbol of fertility, creation and the cycle of birth and rebirth while the cats are very integral to Egyptians for their grace and poise.