Art on Commission

I also create commissioned art based on what the patrons desire..

Made this recently for Flying Monkey, an Indian Tapas Bar in Singapore. It is a 16×2.5 feet long rambling piece of art on canvas. I simply loved making it. It had to be Indian, yet not traditional, Funky yet not Flaky. I took inspiration from Mario Miranda, the amazing Indian cartoonist & illustrator since I am certainly not one. It was a serious challenge at first but once it began, ideas spilled over each other to vie for attention! I have never had so much fun creating ever.

Here is an image of the composite artwork. It will soon be fixed on the wall of the bar.

Composite image

Part 1

Photo 10-12-16, 2 55 49 PM20161210_15020720161210_150150Photo 10-12-16, 5 44 57 PM Photo 10-12-16, 5 45 20 PM