Art on Commission

I also create commissioned art based on what the patrons desire..

Made this recently for Flying Monkey, an Indian Tapas Bar in Singapore. It is a 16×2.5 feet long rambling piece of art on canvas. I simply loved making it. It had to be Indian, yet not traditional, Funky yet not Flaky. I took inspiration from Mario Miranda, the amazing Indian cartoonist & illustrator since I am certainly not one. It was a serious challenge at first but once it began, ideas spilled over each other to vie for attention! I have never had so much fun creating ever.

Here is an image of the composite artwork. It will soon be fixed on the wall of the bar.

Composite image

Part 1

Photo 10-12-16, 2 55 49 PM20161210_15020720161210_150150Photo 10-12-16, 5 44 57 PM Photo 10-12-16, 5 45 20 PM

Author: Anuradha Kabra

Anuradha Kabra grew up in the midst of an environment which thrived in art and culture. Her mother (Kamla Kabra) and father (Brijbhushan Kabra) are both well reknowned artists and have always been her inspiration. Long back she experimented with oils and acrylics, but with time realised that her skills were more honed to sketching and watercolours. Having grown up with a deep love and comfort with animals, her works are naturally drawn towards depicting animals. Her deft and confident handling of her pen and her intutive sense of colours led to a range of beautiful artwork.