I grew up in an environment nourished with pure music & culture. This septet is in honor of my wonderfully talented parents.  

In this string of seven paintings, Shiva-the creator of the Ragas’ is the central figure. Each Raga is an array of melodies, considered in the Indian tradition to have the ability to “color the mind” and affect the energy Chakras in our body which is turn are influenced by the ruling planet or “Graha”.

Each painting is thus a synthesis of the Chakra, the prayer or “Mantra” of the Graha, the mood of the Raga which influences that Chakra & Shiva inspired from various ancient sculptures in India.

Note: All the 7 paintings will be sold as a set as they are linked to each other. 




(18×18 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Twilight, welcomed with the ancient Raag Shri, brings on a sense of harmony within us. Whether this mood settles in because of the Raag or the time of the day remains a mystery. The Raag Shri combines nobility and devotional meditation in such a way that I cannot help feeling a profound connection between my physical body, my surroundings and my Mother Earth. The notes of Shri lead to the blossoming of the four petalled Muladhara, Mula meaning “root” and Adhara – “support” which is being enjoyed and celebrated by Shiva with his divine consort Parvati in the first of this series of my painting. (Request for price of the set)



(18×18 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Raag Megh and the six petalled Swadhistan Chakra come together in this painting to welcome the monsoon with its melodic composition and celebrate abundance and prosperity with the dance of Shiva. The dominating element of the Swadhistan Chakra, which means “The dwelling place of the self” is water. Water represents sexual desire and creative energy and the balance of these brings on a sense of wellbeing, pleasure and contentment that is like rain on a calm sea. (Request for price of the set)



(18×18 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Raag Deepak transports me to the court of Emperor Akbar where the music maestro Tansen, lit all the lamps in the court with the power of this Raag. This dominating Raag creates a vigourous harmony that is said to hold the power to create a fire and hence brought to my mind the ten petalled Manipur Chakra: a lustrous gem that is a source of inner strength and perseverance whose basic element is fire. The lean and graceful form of Shiva revels in the harmony around him. (Request for price of the set)



(18×18 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

If I was a singer than Hindol would have been my favourite Raag. Even the mention of Hindol gives me visuals of gardens laden with freshly blossoming flowers and the earth enveloped in the soft fragrance of spring, giving rise to an explosion of romance and passion all around. The twelve petalled fourth chakra- Anahata, holds a place of pride at the centre of the seven chakras where the physical and spiritual meet. Here I portray – Shiva and Parvati, the model of perfection for love, totally consumed with the Anahata.  (Request for price of the set)



(18×18 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Mornings for me mean sunshine and the birth of a new day bursting with hope. And what best to start the day with if not the mystical Raag Bhairav? This Raag is known as the king of the morning raagas and is so named after Lord Shiva in his fierce form. Shiva as Bhairav is the ultimate in divine destruction, illustrating the Hindu belief that creation & destruction go hand in hand. Our world is nothing but an illusion and Bhairav liberates us from this illusion, bringing in transcendent peace. The fifth chakra, the Vishuddha Chakra which is the first of the spiritual chakras and combines the qualities of faith and understanding resonates beautifully with this Raag. (Request for price of the set)



(18×18 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

The majestic and solemn Raag Malkaus is sung in the wee hours just after midnight when the sky is aglow with soft moonlight. The name Malkaus is derived from two words – Mal and Kaushik which is a name for the one who calmly wears a garland of serpents around his neck. Who else but Shiva? The 6th chakra, Ajna Chakra, whose very element is the Om rests in the area between the eyes and guides one towards one’s inner self to find peace that comes from within. I would think that the perfect notes of Malkaus soothe this powerful Chakra and raises one’s conciousness to yet another level. (Request for price of the set)



(18×18 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Bhairavi -the beautiful queen of all Raagas. Like all queens worth waiting for, the Raag Bhairavi is usually sung at the end of a concert. It is this melodious raag that is sung to welcome the dawn with open arms. The thousand petalled seventh chakra, Sahasra, blossoms only when it is time to reveal the ultimate journey of the soul… the dawn of a new beginning. Listening to this Raag always was a cathartic experience for me and this is what seems to be the experience of Shiva himself in this painting. (Request for price of the set)