Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a mystical and magical tree well known throughout many cultures, dating back to ancient times. Different races and religions call it by different names, each having its own Tree of Life in their mythologies. The Tree of Life provides the breath of life. Fire, Earth, Air and Water all combine their forces to create the awesome life giving power of the Tree of Life. Its branches reach out to accept nourishment from the Fiery Sun and its roots dig deep into the soul of its mother, the Earth. Together, the Sun and Earth nurture the tree which in turn supports life in us. This is my expression of gratitude towards Mother Nature herself.



(Size: 26×26 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Hindus and Buddhists believe that nature spirits or Yakshas must be worshipped as the caretakers of the hidden treasures of the earth. The voluptuos figure of Yakshini here signifies the fertility of nature. She is heavily bejeweled, standing caressing a branch of the mango tree and surrounded by myriad animals. I tied in here the Tibetan knot of eternity or the ‘Shrivatsa’ in the background as it symbolises the eternal nature of time and movement along the spiritual path. All that exists, all that has ceased to exist and all that shall come into existence rests serenely and harmoniously within the eternal.



(Size 26×14 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Sigil or the Tree of Life is one of the most familiar of the Sacred Geometric Symbols connected to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah. The pattern in the centre is said to signify the middle world and is flanked on one side by a wheel and on the other by a spiral. The wheel, stands for the Sun, the moon and the stars at the top of the world, the spiral for the underworld… water, whirlpools and such. When put together, these motifs are a symbol of protection from ill and an affirmation of blessing. Encased in the beauty of creation and abundance, I feel the SIGIL looks majestic in its graceful form against the majestic & holy Wailing Wall of Jerusalem.


(Size: 29×41 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper) (SOLD)

Turkey – one cannot think of this place without the mind conjuring up images of beautiful old mosques and rich culture. The sculpture of the gorgeous “Hayat Agaci” or the Turkish Tree of Life inspired me to create this ensemble. The tree stands proudly encased in gold and gems while the dervishes dancing around it slowly absorbing it’s colour become full of brightness and charm themselves. The Hamsas in the sky add to their beauty by showering them all with grace and glory. The rich cultural heritage of Turkey shines through the subtle mesh and the intriguing colours of the tree and the dancers.

Ahura Mazda


(Size: 26×26 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

The highest of all the spirits worshipped in the Persian culture, the Ahura Mazda stands in the shade of the mighty Gao-Karena or the sacred tree of life. The life giving juice of this tree was likened to the “Amrut” or immortal nectar of the Hindu Gods. I just had to add the twin spirits for good and evil at the foot of this tree for which story can be completed without both these flavours! Traditionally known as Spenta Meynu and Angra Mainyu, they were created by none other than Ahur Mazda.

The Red Dot


(Size: 26×26 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

My tribute to Singapore- the beautiful Red Dot as it is called. The fabric of Singapore lies in its spirit of all encompassing different cultures and living in harmony. The revered Bodhi Tree firmly planted in the soil rich with the seeds of different cultures has lent it’s shade to many a story. It is set against the all familiar batik fabric that is commonly found in this land. The Red Dot shines brightly in the sky – small, yet powerful and hard to ignore!

The Flame


(Size: 41×29 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

I was really inspired by the Spanish Flamenco dancers portraying their unbeatable and unabashed zest for life! I felt that they looked like leaping flames of fire with the swirls of their bold and colourful outfits. The picture would have been incomplete without Mariachi- the lively, bright and vibrant folk music as the dancers lose themselves in their beat around the Mexican Tree of life.

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