Faith & Beliefs

Faith and Beliefs are very integral to human existence. They give us a sense of security and create moral boundaries within which we co-exist. They give us a reason to be alive and to live with hope. Millenia after millenia, as human beings discovered new lands and made their homes, they found meaning and sustainence from nature. This gave rise to symbols, practices, rituals, religions and also their identity. Living in Singapore brought in an appreciation and a desire to create these four oriental symbols entwined with the symbolic fruits and flowers. And with that followed many more ideas which I have tried to capture in my own humble way..



(15×15 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Azaleas are a symbol of feminity and softness. For the people in the orient, Azaleas represent happiness and prosperity. They evoke people’s warm passion for life which I think is the prerequisite for happiness. Thus the marriage of these fresh and beautiful Azaleas with the symbol of happiness was inevitable. Surrounded by the lush green vine, even a sight of these will bring in a rush of positive energy.



(15×15 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Orchids, the most coveted flowers of all time, have been favoured by Chinese scholars as they were the unspoken symbols of integrity, nobility and friendship. The three virtues of a cultured man and also the most important ingredients for a great relationship. I was naturally drawn to it to combine it with this exotic symbol of love, togetherness and marital bliss.



(15×15 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

Traditionally offered to the elderly to wish them long life, Chrysanthemums also known as Kiku in Japan are autumn flowers and signify joy and beauty despite the oncoming winter. They are much sought after for their healing properties and yang energy so I thought they paired perfectly with the this symbol of longevity and good health to show that both are most beautiful when together.



(15×15 inch, pen, pencil & watercolour on paper)

I believe that prosperity is a state of mind. This exotic oriental symbol which is heaped with the Kumquat represents prosperity. It is a constant reminder of overflowing abundance to our senses and is said to attract all that we desire into our lives.

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