Myths & Mysticism

We have no idea when we as humans first took birth on this planet. Over these millions of years, we imagined and created our own fantasies and myths which gave us something to believe in and hold on to for our sense of being. It made us feel secure to have some common beliefs. Sometimes a simple stone found on the river bed led to miracles and it soon found its way into peoples hearts and gave them comfort. Stories got woven around what we saw in nature. I am really fascinated at how we have found reflections of what we look for in ourselves in the different facets of the life forms around us.. and thus the birth of this new series which explores myths and mysticism.



(30X23 inch, watercolour, pen & pencil on paper)

The mythical, mysterious and utterly graceful Hamsa is said to be the vehicle of the Hindu God of creation- Brahma and his consort, the Goddess of knowledge – Saraswati.

I find the Hamsa really captivating as it  is comfortable in water as well as land representing the union of the physical and spiritual self. Is this not the ultimate goal of the human journey?



(23×30 inch, watercolour, pen & pencil on paper)

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu. The ultimate journey of the seekers as they dance, jump, sing and cross all obstacles with humility and grace while the source of their energy shines forth in the heavens awaiting for his children to envelop themselves in his compassionate embrace.



(30×23 inch, watercolour, pen & pencil on paper)

The King of Birds, Garuda, bearing beautiful feathers is bound to be a glorious sight. On the bright side, he is a symbol of virtue, hope and rebirth, but he has a dark side too. Garuda is a brilliant warrior but it is also known that he shows no mercy in his attacks. In this painting, his majestic self is seen flying away with the divine nectar, having defeated the Nagas. The ocean of snakes are symbolic of the darker side of existence while Garuda is the symbol of good, right and true. In addition to the artistry of nature, the force of his personality has reinstated my belief in the idea that good always triumps over evil.

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