Symbols of Divinity

The power of symbols cannot be denied.. be it the Swastika or the Shri Yantra or versions of it in different cultures. Yantras have always fascinated me, by the thought and divine science behind it. I was drawn to drawing them on my canvas as I went deeper and deeper into the understanding of their importance in our lives.



(Acrylic, pencil and pen on Canvas)

The absolutely divine Shree Yantra in every dimension is intriguing. Here I have tried to bring it alive within a circle of the “Das Avatars” of Lord Vishnu as per Hindu mythology.



(Acrylic on Canvas) (SOLD)

When all the three Shaktis come together then everything in nature comes alive and blooms. Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati Yantras encapsulated within the tree of life..

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