My Story

My story

IMG_3293Anuradha- I grew up in the midst of an environment which thrived in art and culture. My mother (Kamla Kabra) and father Pandit Brijbhushanlal Kabra are both renowned artists and have always been my inspiration. The seeds of art and its appreciation were sown into me as a child. Having grown up with a deep love and comfort with animals, my original works were naturally drawn towards depicting animals. Being a mom of three amazing kids led to the “Mother’s day” series symbolising the strong bond we share.

I love bright colours used boldly and yet carefully balance them by the muted tones of my 2B pencil. Yes- Vincent Van Gogh is my favourite artist for his bold colours and M. C. Escher for his amazing geometry and mathematics in art! I wish I was more tech savvy and could create the super intricate patterns digitally but I am more a brick & mortar person by heart so bring to life my imagination using the traditional medium.

I always wanted a deeper spiritual element in my paintings, and thus started the creation of the Yin & Yang series (2016) denoting the harmony and balance in nature. My solo exhibition of this series was exhibited at the Indonesia Economic Forum in Jakarta. It was very well received and I was honoured to be covered in the Peak Magazine Indonesia edition as a featured artist.

It was soon followed by the series called “Elements” where I  brought to life the mythical Dragon & Phoenix and represented each set as an element of nature. Although not a great history student, I find the study of cultures and belief systems very intriguing and I try to fill my art with the mysteries of the ancient civilisations. My last series was   “Synthesis” – a synthesis of culture, religion & beliefs of different parts of the world and “Creation” as it depicts the many ways we perceive creation of not only the human soul but of the universe!

Acrylics have caught my attention recently and am engaged in painting the feathered creatures.. am completely enraptured by them!

I live in Singapore and also make commissioned art. Am open to collaboration for exhibitions. Contact me for original as well as prints of the artwork. I also teach art to all ages and honing hidden talent is a complete joy!

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