Over the last 3 years, I have had a few exhibitions for my work and here is a glympse into them, starting from the last on


Symphony of Colours, Tista Art Gallery, Singapore (10th to 13th Oct 2019)

Asia Contemporary Fair, Hong Kong (4th to 7th Oct 2019)

Tatinis Art Show, Helsinki-Finland (30th Aug to 1st Sept 2019)

Tatinis Art Show, Singapore (24th to 26th May, 2019)

Hosted by Exquisite Art, Singapore



Affordable Art Fair (Singapore) (15th to 18th November, 2018)

BOOTH 3C-05, Hosted by Studio Paradise, India





Solo show “IKSHANA” @ Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India (30th June to 30th July 2018)



Affordable Art Fair (Singapore) November 2017

I was honored to be one of the exhibiting artists of the Eyemage Art Gallery (Singapore). Art Gallery (Singapore). My paintings included an extension of my series “Synthesis”. The one I was most proud of was my painting called “The Red Dot” was was dedicated to Singapore.




The Arts House (Singapore)  2017

The group exhibition at the Arts House housed over 14 artists, each unique. My new series “Synthesis” was exhibited here. Each painting emerged from a web of thoughts and ideas which I wove together to throw light on the foundation of that culture.

Visual Arts Center (Singapore) 2017

The sensitive depiction of the different elements of nature using the mythical Dragon and Phoenix was the basic theme of her artwork in this group exhibition at the prestigious visual arts center in the heart of Singapore.

Buzzar 2017 (Singapore)

A stint at a local “Buzzar” in Singapore.

FullSizeRender 52016

Indonesia Economic Forum (Jakarta) 2016

Evolution of the Yin and Yang series. A subject very close to my heart. I think it’s the strong eastern influence. My painting style was deeply appreciated in the midst of the Indonesia Economic Forum which revolved around the innovations which are rocking the world today.


Tatinis at the Art House (Singapore) 2016

An introduction to a new space.


Hosted by Pizza Fabbrica @ Bussorah Street (Singapore) 2016

Mother’s day has always held a special place in my heart. My strong bond with my mother and my super amazing children inspired me to depict the mother’s from different parts of the world with their babies. I made a range of 12 artworks which had mum’s from Africa to Brazil, from India to Mongolia, from Peru to Syria and finally a portrait of my son with me!

IMG_6299 2

CS Bazaar 2016 (Singapore)

My favourite prints at the Canadian School carnival. A complete treat for children.


MAAD at the Red Dot Museum (Singapore) 2016

Yet another event which was alive with creativity and fun!



Bazaar  (Singapore) 2015

Prints of my animal art touched the hearts of many at the Bazaar in Singapore.


Partnering with LoyalD @ Myras 2015 (Singapore)

My journey to venture out began in 2015 when I made a range of 60 artworks with pen on canvas and jointly exhibited with LoyalD, to support animal shelters in Singapore. All my artwork was around animals on land, sea and water.