Anuradha Kabra grew up in the midst of an environment which thrived in art and culture. Her mother (Kamla Kabra) and father (Brijbhushan Kabra) are both well reknowned artists and have always been her inspiration. Long back she experimented with oils and acrylics, but with time realised that her skills were more honed to sketching and watercolours. Having grown up with a deep love and comfort with animals, her works are naturally drawn towards depicting animals. Her deft and confident handling of her pen and her intutive sense of colours led to a range of beautiful artwork.

1385994_10151656219407032_1919808651_nSomewhere inside her, she wanted a spiritual element in her paintings, and thus started the creation of the Yin & Yang series. It denotes the harmony and balance in nature, the completeness of the male – female relationship and the existence of good and bad which make life. In 2016, her solo exhibition of her Yin & Yang series were exhibited at the Indonesia Economic Forum. It was very well received and her unique style of blending pencil and pen sketches with unexpected splashes of watercolours made a bold statement. She has been covered in the Peak Magazine Indonesia edition as a featured artist.

She continues to explore cultures and beliefs and fills her art with the mysteries of the ancient civilizations.

She has exhibited her work in Singapore as well as India and intends to take it to a wider audience.

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