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What others are saying about my art

Maneysh: “I know Anu for almost 20 years, perhaps the only person I know who has not stopped evolving as she is not very rigid with herself, it’s very evident in her art. Always loved her work and her imagination to create these beautiful artwork.”
Sunaina Pateria:”Anuji, you are an amazing artist the moment I saw your work I fell in love with it . Your paintings are Intricately done, using bold and shades of pastel colours in your same black and white painting is lovely and standout uniquely. It feels that every painting has some message to give. Great work done by you.”
Aradhana lahoti: “Amazing art work which is not only descriptive about its each subject but is exhibiting all emotions of artist ..PATIENCE ,LOVE AND CARE….i feel that u r truly carrying the legacy of your mom in field of art..the black and white combo is awesome… It gives me immense pleasure to see ur art work where each painting is a masterpiece of its kind… Lov u sis keep rocking and inspiring us also…”
Suruchi K:”I see each painting inspiring the next one, in terms of execution and content. Love the juxtaposition of the graphite pencil with fluid watercolors. Both have a softness in their materiality which lends itself to the emotional concepts depicted.”
Kruta Apte: “I saw anu’ s work on her whatsapp profile display picture and instantly fell in love with her art , Her intricate designs, the patterns, the combination of art and math and also composition, as each piece of hers has a story to tell. I know her love for kids, their imagination and her patience in dealing with them her spirituality, her love for animals, shows her benevolence and All of this is carefully delineated in her paintings.
Kudos anu.”
Shrirang Sarda:”It is so lovely to see the evolution of your art. Loved the blend of so many styles that comes together so beautifully.”
Nidhi Mundhra: “Lovely website! Have always loved your art.”
Anupama Bihani: “So much fantasised by the art expression. Beautiful work Ms. Anuradha Kabra ! All praises ! No doubts about the skill , what is more attractive is the emotion that this art is showing , each piece has its own tale .”
Aditi Grover: “Anuradha is an amazing artist. I love your work Anu. The way you have combined black and white and Colour on the same painting, is striking and bold. Lovely Colour combinations. And the theme is very good. Excellent!!”
zamrooda:”Transformed into a Greek Mythology painting. Love the touch of Sunshine to the black n whites”
Anonymous: “Anu I love your paintings.. it symbolizes passion and love. Intricately done with beautiful bold colors and black and white. It’s leading me to paath of being your student.”
Malini:”Very unique style and thought provoking!
I love how the colors flow and blend. Anu you are an inspiration!”
BlackdotGrey  : “This one is my favorite collection! Love the work!” (Ancient Merchantry)
Alvinder:”This is a really beautiful painting and the weaving of different cultures that are so rich in history is really clever and well composed.”
Meena kabra: “Simply beautiful work Annubai…. and what a range of subjects! Painstakingly and lovingly crafted !! Synthesis and mother series my fav besides wilderness beckons and others”
Zanjhana Gagandeep: “Hello…Didi….Great job…..we Realy proud of u……with lots of love From.. Zankhana Gagandeep”
Tina Parakh: “We love Anu’s work and always look forward to her latest creations. Have commissioned a few pieces as gifts for friends and they are very happy with them. Can’t wait to see bigger pieces in the near future . Keep up the good work Anu!”
Ladi: “Anu, Beautiful intricate work . Each art work shows the detailing and so much effort. Animals in love is my favourite series . Want to add one to my collection”
Mitesh Shah: “Beautiful play with shades, creates amazing end results. Painstaking hard work put into detailing has produced a stunning end product. My favourite is “My Mommie””
Ingrid Sahu : (Mother’s Day) “The very special bond – autobiographical!”
Aditi Grover: “Wow!! These are awesome paintings!!”
Anonymous: “Awesome paintings Anu. Especially The mother and child series loved them😘👏👏👌”
Harpreet Singh: “Brilliant work by the talented Anuradha Kabra. Bringing to life the bond between mother and child so succinctly. Keep it up.”
Nasser Ansari : “How absolutely fascinating! I can easily see the influence of your realism painting style. Every art work of yours are the master piece. I love the way you apply combination of colours and monochrome to express innocence, emotions & love, actually speaking I can see the life is blooming in your paintings. Great stuff Anuradha!”
Ajay Maheshwari : “This is just splendid. Having your own portal has just pitched you in front of the whole world to witness your talent and hard work. This makes me really proud. This album especially is very appealing. Blissful solitude is one of my top most favourite work. The heavy detailing and vibrant combination of colours gives this work a lot of depth. The warmth and peaceful aura felt in this work of art is a sign of your brilliance. I love your work and wish you the best for your future.”
Mitesh Shah: “Anu your unique style of blending pencil, pen and watercolour is as individual as you are. Kudos to your innovative style, absolutely love how your paintings portray a thought and make a lasting impression in your mind .”
Amardeep Singh: “Yin-Yang series is a prose that speaks to the heart. Amazing work by Anuradha.”
Alvinder: “Wonderful compositions and colouring of the animal pairs.”
zamrooda : “Spellbound by this series!” (Synthesis)
Aditi Grover :”FANTASTIC!!! What a beautiful way of contrasting colours in each painting. And the figures with a geometric pattern alongside them is making them very classic . Anuradha you are not an amateur. You are a very mature artist who knows her mind and trusts her instincts when it comes to painting. Excellent!”
Alvinder : “The marrying of different faiths in this series shows how well many beliefs complement each other.” (Synthesis)
Supriya Mundhra:”“Space” is my favorite!!!” (Elements)
Ingrid Sahu : “So much detail in these pieces but the thoughtful and selective use of colour is such that the paintings don’t overpower you but draws the viewer in.
Bultu da  :”Fabulous work Annu ! You are so talented . Nice juxtaposition of lead and bright colors .”
Alvinder : “These pieces are incredibly intricate!” (Elements)
BlackdotGrey  :”Interesting use of mixed medium. Very fierce!”
Saumitra  : “Wow, this is my favourite series! Looks so powerful & the colors are spot on!” (Elements)
Anu :”Love the paintings !! The intricate designs leave a lasting impression”
Rashmeen : “My most favourite collection . The uniquess of each painting are the colours and it’s intricate detailing it shows. Your paintings are food for thought !” (Elements)
Vikram Pai:”Lovely touch of colours and pencil works that capture the imagination” FANTASTIC!!! What a beautiful way of contrasting colours in each painting. And the figures with a geometric pattern alongside them is making them very classic . Anuradha you are not an amateur. You are a very mature artist who knows her mind and trusts her instincts when it comes to painting. Excellent!”